Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prayer Loops

Whether you call them Prayer Loops, or Chaplets, or Pocket Rosaries, you will appreciate the beauty of this next group of pieces. They can be used at Roman Catholic chaplets or to pray the Rosary, but non-Catholics also find them helpful as a physical reminder to keep their attention on their prayers.

You can look online for Prayer Rope, Chaplet, Bracelet Rosary and Episcopal Rosary to find prayers that people say with these in their hands, or people can identify 10 things they want to pray for--the world, the leaders, the poor, those in need, the sick, the dying, parents, children, family, friends, etc.,and then use these to keep their minds on their prayers.

They are very beautiful, functional pieces, and were all made by Anonnymouse. Enjoy!

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