Friday, August 29, 2008

New items up!

Okay. To my knowledge, all items are now up! Bid away, and remember that with every item you bid on, you are not only getting your Christmas shopping done early, but you are helping to fight hunger, one piece of art at a time.
Yours in art,


C said...

GO LB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

How do you bid? I like some of these, but am unsure of the process.

LB @ ArtForFood said...

All you have to do to bid is to post your name and the amount you wish to bid in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

Oooo...there are some real treasures. I especially love the paintings ~ tulips are really lovely!

Thanks for creating such a magical opportunity.


Wallace said...

Is this for local buyers only? if not, how will the items get to the winning bidder?

Crissy said...

Items will be mailed to the winning bidder, Wallace.

Go ahead. Shop, shop, shop!